Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort and snow park located in the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This unique attraction brings the experience of winter sports and snowy landscapes to the heart of the desert, allowing visitors to enjoy various snow-based activities and entertainment.



Ski Slope: Ski Dubai features a 85-meter-high indoor mountain with multiple slopes of varying difficulty, including the world's first indoor black diamond run.


Snow Park: The snow park offers a range of activities, including tobogganing, tubing, and interactive snow games.


Chairlift: A chairlift takes visitors to the top of the indoor mountain, providing panoramic views of the ski slope and snow park.


Freestyle Zone: Ski Dubai has a dedicated area for freestyle snowboarding and skiing.


Snow and Climate:

Ski Dubai maintains a consistent temperature of -1 degree Celsius (30.2 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year, ensuring a snowy environment for visitors.

The facility uses artificial snow, and the snow quality is carefully controlled to provide a genuine skiing experience.


Snow Penguins:

One of the unique attractions at Ski Dubai is the Snow Penguins encounter. Visitors can get up close with adorable Gentoo and King Penguins in a controlled environment.


Ski and Snowboard Lessons:

Ski Dubai offers lessons for beginners as well as advanced skiers and snowboarders. Professional instructors provide guidance for those new to winter sports.


Snow Bullet Zipline:

Thrill-seekers can experience the Snow Bullet, a zipline that takes you across the indoor ski slope, offering an adrenaline-pumping ride.


Mountain Thriller Ride:

For those seeking excitement, the Mountain Thriller is a ride that simulates the experience of being on a bobsled as it twists and turns down the mountain.


Winter Gear Rental:

Visitors can rent winter clothing and equipment at Ski Dubai, making it accessible for those who don't have their own skiing or snowboarding gear.


Restaurants and Cafes:

Ski Dubai offers various dining options within the facility, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal or a hot drink in a snowy setting.


Ski Dubai provides a unique and entertaining experience, allowing both beginners and experienced snow enthusiasts to enjoy winter sports and activities in a setting that defies the natural climate of the region.